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There’s a lot to love about this GET SHIT DONE notebook. Starting with the manifesto prompt on the cover. And when you open the book, the first thing you see is this - all in caps: THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF PEOPLE IN THIS WORLD. THE ONES WHO SIMPLY TALK AND DREAM OF SUCCESS AND THE ONES WHO GO OUT THERE, CHASE THEIR DREAMS AND GET SHIT DONE. 

So this is the perfect product for me, as I start to chase my dreams and get shit done developing this website. There are larger sizes of this book, but I chose the small version first, 4 1/8 wide by 5 7/8 high, because it fits in a pocket or small purse. 

I am currently using it in sections where I have created a headline at the top that is the name of a project or organization. Then notes and tasks for that project are captured, in no order – just as I think of them and write them down. I currently have 5 project sections, each with 4 pages, and have space for a few more. 

But the book really is designed to be the perfect daily task list. It is set up to be a spread per day. The left page is for notes and has a space at the top for the date. The right page has a spot for the date at the top, then the first three lines are numbered for your top 3 most important priorities that day or first 3 things to get done. The rest of the page is lined, with check-mark circles on the right side between each line, so they sit beside where you have written text. This book functions perfectly for daily notes and to dos.

Two things to note. One is that this pocket sized version of the notebook is small, the line spaces are small, and you must write small text. My handwriting is not particularly neat or tiny, so this slows me down a bit. But I think it's worth it, to be able to tuck the book into my suit jacket pocket throughout the day.

I really like my little GET SHIT DONE notebook. Created by Australian company MiGoals (you can find more of their awesome notebooks here at Noteabler), it is a very useful tool to carry each day, identify priorities, and check things off your to do list. The larger version is a great alternative, too. I will try that one next - and I'll tell you about it, of course.

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  • Great! I currently write my daily “TO DO” Iist in my book of the daily meds / vitamins / minerals/ taken—as I must keep that close at hand—- and make entries throughout the day. Each day, I use the left page for the meds, and the right page for the “to do” list. The pages are 9 1/2" by 6"—-not too clumsy. I believe your system would be an improvement for this STUFF.
    You and NEVER too OLD to Enjoy that HIGH that you get when you CROSS OFF a job DONE!

    E.H. on

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