BestSelf Journal

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The BestSelf journal is a mindful planning and productivity system with tools proven to sharpen focus. Use this to plan your time, prioritize your work, and make each day count toward your big goals. It provides the structure for you to set, plan, and track progress of your three biggest goals, in a 13-week (3 month) structure. Long enough to achieve something significant and short enough to cut procrastination. Undated. Start anytime. 

Weekly section includes:
- Weekly milestones
- Space for notes for each day
- Habit/Activity tracking
- The Happiest Event This Week
-  3 Big Wins For the Week
- Goal Progress notes
- Biggest Lesson Learned This Week
Each day spread includes:
- Date
- Timed space for task list or scheduling meetings and activities 
- This Morning I Am Grateful For
- My Goal for the day
- Today's Targets (3 numbered lines)
- Lessons Learned
- Wins 
- Tonight I am Grateful For  
Comes in a box with instructions
Hard cover
5.75" x 8.5” inches
Fountain pen friendly paper
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